Friday, October 31, 2008

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

From our cowpokes to yours, we want to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat'n:

Caleb Happenings- Two things to note about Caleb.

Caleb was a chit chatter. He couldn't just say trick or treat or Happy Halloween, get his candy and then turn around. Mr. Social bug relished on striking up full on conservations with all of our neighbors. Cute the first couple of houses... then after a bit it became apparent that at this rate we'd be lucky to hit 20 houses the whole night.

Funny story- The 4th house we went to belongs to an elderly couple- I'm pretty sure they are pushing 80 or so. Grandpa opens the door and comes out with the ugliest, scariest mask I've ever seen. Caleb's eyes get as big as saucers, he starts to back peddle and freak out. Once the old man notices that he's scared the crap out of my son, he takes his mask off and shows Caleb the "good stuff". I tell the grandpa, thanks for the scare, love it! And for the next 79 houses, I have to reassure Caleb that there wouldn't be any other scary grandpas before he'd walk up and start knocking.

Take Care!

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Leslie said...

That is hilarious carrie! Caleb is one of a kind! :)