Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Have you ever wondered what you might have looked like back in the day? Have no fear, Yearbook Yourself is here.. I got this off of my cousins wife's blog and wasted a good amount of time trying it out. Hilarious! If you haven't tried this, you prolly should! Click here to get started:

In fact, I tag Dev, Kris (since your blog is up and runn'n now), Les, Krista (when you have a moment to yourself), Jodi & Cyndi ... I want to see your pics on your blog in the near future. Then go tag someone else...we all need to walk down memory lane.

From 1958:

From 1966:

From 1974 (the year I was born):

From 1978 (my personal favorite):

From the 1990's (which actually isn't too far off from my senior picture (1992 grad):

And apparently, if I would have graduated in the 2000's this would have been the style:

Even better once you're done- go grab your husbands and make them do it. Would you have been attracted to your significant other in the 50's & 60's?

Have fun!


Leslie Sandberg said...

hhaah yeah that is hilarious! Not too far off either! :0 Cant wait to do mine!

dev said...

ok. 1958 is.. classic. But, you're right, nothing beats an afro!!funny stuff! prolly gonna have to do mine too!

andi said...

Carrie, you look just like Claudia in 1958 seriously. That is what my sister looked like only a bit fuller in the face! I always felt the back of your neck was my sisters because I would comb her hair often and that memory has stayed with me.
We are definitely related as families!

David and Nikki said...

HOT....HOT....HOT!!!! Now, let's see Damon:)