Monday, October 6, 2008

Buried Treasures

At the age of 34, I'm grateful to know that my brain hasn't been maxed out yet. That the empty spaces up there can still absorb 4 year old curriculums like the life cycles of vegetables. The miracles of life are amazing! Every time a baby comes into this world, I reflect back to my own pregnancies and the wonderment in which these little spirits grew from such tiny cells into magnificent and beautiful babies. Such an awesome and brilliant blue print only our loving Heavenly Father could have created. While attending a field trip to my sons preschool teacher's garden, I was reminded that the life cycle does not only apply to ourselves and mere animals, but that yes, all things created by our Heavenly Father do have a plan, a purpose, and a provided way to be able to pro-create. These simple lessons taught by Caleb's teacher provided me with a gentle reminder that, He does have a hand in ALL things... even the simplest things as the reproductive systems of veggies.

Happy Fall!

Pictures from Harvest Day:


Leslie said...

What a cute boy!!!

andi said...

Our brilliant dreamboat Caleb Bub is growing up! The sky is the limit, so move over stars!