Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Every Thing He Does Is Magic

We picked the most beautiful day to do our annual family pumpkin patch'n. It was warm, sunny, and our kids were in terrific spirits! If you are familiar with Spooner Farms then you know that they have more activities then the usual run of the mill pumpkin patch, which is why it's one of our favorite spots to go. For a second straight year, Damon has managed to win us the mother load... the kind of pumpkin we would never pay for ourselves... the kind of pumpkin that takes ginormous muscles to heft into the car... the kind of pumpkin that will take a zillion seconds to scoop all the inner'd goobies out of. But, this year he didn't just win us one enormous pumpkin, he won two. Nice, job hunny.... well done.

Here are a few other favorite moments from our day at Spooner Farms:

Take Care!

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The VanderHoevens said...

Hello Carrie -
I saw your blog off of Mandy Jones' blog. We may have been at Spooner Farms when you were. Look at the picture of my daughter in front of her signing her name on the pumpkin board. Is that your litle guy's name above hers? My kids love going there. Mostly for that slingshot game. Your kids are adorable!
Valerie (Urvina) VanderHoeven