Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arte ala Pumpkin

We broke up our pumpkin carving into two days. The size and magnitude of scooping and carving allowed only one pumpkin at a time so that our other little pumpkins could go to bed at a decent hour. Our completed project:

Take Care!


Leslie Sandberg said...

cute cute cute. i love halloween!

Amy said...

wow - that is one huge pumpkin!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!!!!!! ~Mandy

Bowles said...

That is major pumpkin carving going on at your house. Power tools and everything.
Hope you all had a happy halloween!

Anna BenAnna said...

Wow! What is that that Damon is cutting with?!?! So fun! And bytheway - you look so HOT in your pictures!!