Monday, February 28, 2011


I am absolutely so thrilled to be able to see David Gray in concert on Thursday. So thrilled, I'm dreaming in Gray. Love his tone!:)


Friday, February 18, 2011

{The Reptile Man}

The Reptile Man came to Caleb's school yesterday. We were introduced to several pythons and vipers, a mamba, a pretty tame turtle, a monkey lizard and oh, this guy.. a baby alligator. Fabulous!


Monday, February 14, 2011

{What Is Ragnar?}

Picture this. Running a relay race through the Seattle area, starting near the border of Canada and winding south, all the way down to Whidbey Island. This race pushes you and 11 friends, day and night, through 187 miles of stunning Washington scenery. Starting in the seaside town of Blaine, teams head south through farm country, along the coast and ultimately crossing over Deception Pass. The race (and your stamina) wraps up on the southern tip of Whidbey Island.

That's the Northwest Passage.

How do you cover 187 miles? Only one runner hits the road at a time. The rest of your teammates are on support duty in your race vehicles. Oh and am I going to get a lot of support. My teammates are wild, crazy and just plain old fun. And although I voted for the team name, Runnin' Like We Stole Somethin'.... in the end, majority ruled and said Pimp My Stride.

So... Pimp My Stride it is.

And I'm absolutely looking forward to it-


Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Harry Potter}

Over the past few months Caleb's fascination with Ben 10 has diminished and has been replaced with a Harry Potter fetish. You have no idea how many times I've walked by the bathroom only to find Caleb sitting on the bathroom counter, red pencil in hand obsessing and perfecting his Harry scar above his eye. Uh, I'm pretty sure I birthed two boys..

So when I opened up the newspaper and read that the Harry Potter Exhibit would be coming to the Pacific Science Center I knew we'd have to make a trip. Unfortunately picture taking was prohibited inside that exhibit. But an assortment of eye candy was awaiting at the finish line. Harry Potter eye glasses, ties, wands were begged for purchased at the gift shop. Investment in future fun. Expecto Patronum...


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Smart As A Whip}

Several weeks ago Caleb came down with the flu. The next morning Caleb woke up came downstairs and felt like drinking something other then water. So I poured him some ginger ale to drink.

With a mouth full of cereal Porter said, I want some pop too.
I replied, Oh honey.. this pop is for people that are sick."

Porter looked at Caleb and then at me and without missing a beat, he performed the loudest sneeze.... smart 3 year old.

Did you know that you can burn 770 calories if you jump rope for an hour? Wow. Impressed. Whenever I run, I always enjoy looking at my Garmin to see my calorie burn. But I must admit, it's not quite as impressive as the potential burn of jump'n er rope. Intrigued, I wondered how long could I last?

So I turned on Regis & Kelly and started 'er up. Exhausted I stopped at 30 minutes then did some yoga and called it a cross training day. Impressed by my half hour of jumping and going no where skills I let my mom know about my accomplishment. I bragged to my dad and my husband. I told my sister. In fact I even called a girlfriend to toot my own horn. I was a proud peacock.

This morning however, I dropped to the floor (involuntary) while getting out of bed. My calf's are solid rocks and burn with each step. It's lunch time and I've tried to stretch the heck out of them all morning. This proud peacock who isn't so smart has turned into an 87 year old slow moving grandma. This activity fit for a 9 year old should be worked up slowwwwwwly and come with a caution label.