Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Afternoon of Mistakes

Why is my baby nakee in the middle of a cold, Fall day? I'll share:

While Caleb attends preschool, Porter squeezes in a two hour nap. And on this particular day Porter got a late start. Not wanting a cranky child, I pushed it to the limit. I waited until the very last second to wake Porter up and put him in the car to pick up Caleb from school. That was my first mistake. The second mistake was realized upon entering Porter's bedroom. You're kiddin' me right? You've got to be joking. Guess who pooped their pants and then played in it before crashing? Yeah, tell me about it. This kid had fun finger painting. Totally everywhere- his hair, all over his crib, the wall, his blanket, and yes on the floor- like how the heck does that happen?. It was disgusting!

And now, I had 3.5 minutes to clean him up- No!, 3.5 minutes to disinfect him before I had to leave to get Caleb. Worlds fastest bath....ever! With seconds to spare, he was dressed with a diaper and thrown in the car (okay, not literally).
I successfully pick up Caleb and am minimally late to which his teacher took one look into my car and I'm sure was thinking- baby, freezing, diaper only- what is she thinking? I don't even try to explain. I know that upon arriving home I have an hours worth of muck to clean up and sanitize before anybody could enter it. I'd just rather look dumb and hurry home. I needed a few minutes to gather my cleaning supplies and attack the floor before anybody was allowed to run underfoot... so I left Porter strapped in his car seat in the car in the garage. I return five minutes later to find this.... a nakee baby who wasn't finished with his nap.

Note to self- Five syllables, Carrie.... overalls, baby.

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Stephanie said...

Sorry... totally laughing. Feeling bad for you, but also laughing. :)