Thursday, September 2, 2010

{First Times Three}

Today marks the first day of first grade. It's also the first day Caleb successfully rode his bike without training wheels. "I'm so proud of myself!"... Caleb

... Unfortunately, today was also Caleb's first physical fight at school... but that occurred on second recess. What!? I know. And after all of the information was gathered, it was my son that lost his temper and threw the kick. Ahem.



Leslie said...

haha thats hilarious....more details...what was the fight over?

outnumberedthreetoone said...

Apparently, a second grade boy called him a chicken with full on cluck cluck wing movements. He said, "That made me mad so I kicked him."

Anonymous said...

Ethan started the big kindergarten and he was wonderful! I on the otherhand was a mess. How as the start of first grade? I hope you are well. I love your blog :) Take care! Heather Mc