Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Die Hards}

We attend our local fair every year. It's tradition. It's been a tradition ever since I was little. And as our little family grows the tradition continues. In fact, it's talked about all year right up there with Christmas. The kids enjoy everything. The animals. The food. And the rides. Well... okay mostly the rides. Me? I love all of those things too. But, I'll personally add that the people watching is particularly awesome. :)

We elected to go yesterday. It was an early school release day. And the forecast was a little bit more promising than our upcoming weekend. So I picked up Caleb from school and we hit it- meeting up w/ Dad later after he got off of work. Except that the 30% chance of drizzle turned into 90% rain with 45% rain showers.

Check out my pant legs. That's not a shadow. We stayed until just after 9pm. That's all complete wetness from the shoes/socks on up. Partly from the rain but I contribute most of my wetness from my youngest- a puddle jumper. Check out his shmants (pants/shorts)...

Rain Shmain.. Kids could care less. :)


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