Friday, August 27, 2010

{Lip Smack'n}

I have this problem.

Only I don't really consider it a problem, it's more like an addiction really.

Have you ever tasted something so delicious that you wanted to gorge yourself... for three days straight? And when I say gorge, I mean like eat that same thing for lunch and for dinner and you could still possibly have it again for breakfast? In my humble opinion, it could be worse. I mean I could be in love with ice cream or cheesecake or... chocolate covered something. (To which I actually am in love with all of these things.)

I'm happy to say that my new obsession is slightly more healthy. It makes a ton (freezes for an easy pull together dinner for another night). And it's.... well, frankly delicious. Delicious. Did I mention, delicious?

It all happened so suddenly. I was talking to my sister on the phone and I asked her what she was fixing for dinner.

She happily replied, Carne Asada.

My brain thought, Fancy Smancy, but my lips said, "What the heck is that"?

I have shocked my sister. "What!? You've never had Carne Asada?"

Okay, now I'm feeling dumb. "Uh, no." What's in it?"

She then begins to utter off a list of healthy ingredients that in combination makes my mouth start to water. I decide right then and there that a trip to the store is of the utmost importance.

And after I've come home from that store can you believe that even before I make this dish, I'm thinking about it all day long. The anticipation of all those things mixed together and what it might taste like is for sure pure agony. And can you believe that in all that agony, I begin to prepare dinner at 4:00 because I just can't stand it any longer? What's wrong with me!? (And nope, not pregnant.)

This is what I heard my sister say...

Carne Asada, it's the meat that's already cut up really thin for you.
Add spices to it and bbq it. But not for very long. Cut it into strips.
Warm tortillas over the bbq.
Add black beans (warmed).
Add cilantro.

My brain also said...
Oh and you could add that yummy pepper jack cheese that you have in the fridge too.
And a dab of sour cream would probably taste lovely too!

Ode to my sister!


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