Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Reality

Is there anybody out there that finds the HGTV channel as wonderful as I? I love love love it. I'm not sure what the addiction fascination is about looking inside other folk's homes and watching how other people live. I'm sure it has something to do with the lack of Carrie design skills.... I just know I've got the bug.

Imagine my excitement when the concept of room and furniture renovations spilled over into the world of blogosphering. Actually spilled over doesn't really do it justice. More like taken by fire. There are sooooo many cute DIY (Do it yourself) blogs out there with umpteen fabulous project re-do's that quite frankly you could spend hours and hours a lot of time getting lost and inspired and then not understand why there wasn't any time left in your day to clean the house.

I was filled with all kinds of butterflies when I discovered a new twist on reality TV. It's called a Reality Blogivision and it involves all of the elements that I love. Competition. Projects. And inspiring results galore! It's called, So You Think You Can Decorate and the inaugural Season 1 begins, Sunday Feb. 28th. In my obsessed humble opinion, it's worth checking out.

Brilliant Stephanie... truly brilliant!

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