Sunday, February 21, 2010

For The Birds

We have the privilege of owning a home that backs up to a busy road which is currently being widened to allow for more busyness. However, one of the perks of not having a neighbor directly behind us is that we get the opportunity to view vast open blue skies... and some power lines. So if you don't mind the traffic noise, continual dust and unobstructed utility views, it really is a great place to hunker down. :)

This morning Caleb was enjoying a bowl of cereal at our kitchen table. It's Sunday which means there's no cartoon viewing which means he's feeling extremely extra chatty. I love this about Caleb, however it's 6:45 am so I'm not there yet, buddy... I'm still in yawn mode. During a spoonful of crunch, Caleb looks through our back sliding glass door and notices a few birds perched on top of the power lines.

C: "Mom, those birds are watching me eat my cereal."

M: "Oh really?"

C: "Yes. They haven't taken their eyes off of me."

M: "Hmm.."

C: "Why do they keep looking at me?"

M: "Maybe they are hungry?"

C: "No mom. They don't eat cereal, they eat worms."

M: "Oh." "Maybe they are resting?"

C: "But they just woke up."

M: "Right."

C: "Maybe they are bored?"

M: "Well, perhaps you should do a little dance for them?"

Caleb digs this idea. He hops off the chair and begins to do a half bop with snappy fingers. But not too long after he starts one bird flies away.

C: "Mommmm.... they didn't like it. One of them flew away!"

M: "Really? Oh, I bet they loved it. I'm sure he's probably flying away to tell the rest of his birdie friends to come over and watch your show."

Caleb's eyes light up. He stands motionless staring out the sliding glass door.

Then right on cue... less than 20 seconds later a few more birds fly over and join the other two perched birds... making it now an audience of 5. Now, I realize that this is pure coincidence, but I think to myself... oh this could be fun.

C: "Look mom! Now, there's five birds."

M: "See Caleb, I told you. Your dancing is fabulous. They want to see more."

Caleb then proceeds to boogy like I've never seen Caleb boogy before. Full on arm movements, facial expressions and bust a move moves. Wow, I thought. I never get that kind of dance magic.

...Perhaps I outta perch myself on top of that utility wire?



corine said...

This is the cutest story! Thanks for sharing

Monica said...

That is hilarious! We love Caleb! Bronson sure misses him.