Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Easy As Black and White

I love all things black. And black and white. Why? I'm not sure. But, I'm truly drawn to them. It's the first thing that I reach for on a clothing rack, the first pair of shoes I peruse through at the store, it's the first car I notice on the road and it's the first home accessory that catches my eye. I'm a creature of habit and I absolutely have tunnel vision for it.

Unless you've been in my house, it might surprise you to know that although I have a fetish for black I don't have any black decor in my home.... This is really unfortunate and frankly quite a bummer. :)

When Damon and I first married we chose to go with the cherry (matchy matchy) look. I've been tempted over the years to purchase a distressed black furniture piece but chickened out due to fear... fear because it would stick out like a sore thumb against the rest of our furniture. And as a realist I also know that it would take awhile before our home would be furnished to fit a new "style".

I have several friends that have LOADS of talent in interior design, they can find a piece of furniture, see a vision for it, refurbish it and put it together with the rest of their house. I love their eclectic style. Along with a good singing voice, this would have been a talent that I would have LOVED to have stood in line for.

Just looking at these things makes me smile...-

Gorgeous Pillow:

I love this vinyl clock pattern:

Cheeky Ottoman:

Collage of Black and White Photos:

Cozy Black Chandelier:

Large Wall Clock:

Magnetic Weekly Planner:

Fabulous Black & White Apron:

Step Stool:

Circular Rug:

Serving Platter:

Table Linens:

I really like this chair:

Newsprint Baskets:

Yummy Barstools:

File Folders:

Black & White Frames:

My wheels are turning...

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