Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's well over due. It's time for a make-over. An overhaul. A face lift. And yes, I'm in need of one too... and a touch up color!.. But it's this space of me that I'm referring to.. and that will get it first.

My list of "want to's" always seem to be longer then my list of "done it's". And it's time to make a cross over. A revolution. A.... okay, it's time to quit thinking about the wants and actually take some action... I need to move some of those suckers onto the other side. The side where I breathe deep knowing that it's been checked off and that I don't have to waste anymore space thinking about it. That my friends and family is the theme of 2010 for me.

So this is one of them. This... the documenting, the journaling, the recording which counteracts all forgetfulness and protects the absence of memory cells which I've been extremely blessed to have (sarcasm). This in a nutshell will always help me to remember the good, the bad, the challenging and the fun so long as blogspot never goes under...

Which brings me to item number two on my "want to's".. I've always created scrapbook pages for other people but have never started them for my own children. It's time to do something with the hundreds of photos that I've taken and the memorabilia that I've hung on to and the stories and experiences that my children have put me through (not sarcastic). I decided several years ago that I would make a digital scrapbook for each of my children every year. An Encyclopedia volume if you will that will grace my tall white built ins one day. I'm almost six years in the hole w/ Caleb and 3 w/ Porter. Enough is enough.... This is the year to play catch up.

So a warning and a favor to anyone who reads this post.
First. I have absolutely nothing recorded on blogspot for 2009. Beware. I'll need that year in review to help me accomplish my digital scrapbooks so... just so you know...I'm not trying to bore you or make you run for the high hills. It's selfish. It's for me. And you can totally ignore that post when you come to it. Geezs.. feel free to ignore any of my posts for that matter. :)

Secondly. The favor. If anyone has created and published a digital scrapbook with a company or process that they enjoyed, would you pass that info onto me? I'd love to look into.


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