Monday, January 25, 2010


My mother flew home from Dallas last week with more then just her suitcase. She also brought with her a bad case of pneumonia. If I had a normal mom with two normal lungs this wouldn't be a problem. But, I've been blessed with an extraordinary mom who actually only has 3/4 of one working lung. Yeah, you read that right. She does what you and I do (with the exception of running) with less then one lung and without an oxygen tank.. oh... and without complaining. Isn't she fabulous? I think so.

So we took the boys to the hospital for a visit to provide some comedy and cheer. Before we could enter the room we were required to put on the mandatory "gear". Then, the boys serenaded Grandma with the cutest rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" (mask style). We are glad to report that Mom is now finishing up the rest of her horse pills from the comfort of her own home and is feeling much better.

There are so many amazing people in the world that have physical struggles and yet manage to stay so positive and not just live, but really make the most out of their lives. They make a choice that their challenges will not limit their goals, their dreams, or their potential. And in lots of cases they defy odds, surpass their goals and dreams and do more in their lifetime with their body then we would ever choose to do with our own healthy ones.

Number One Complainer here needs to kick it in high gear.... I walked away from this weekend hoping to be more appreciative of the things that I have. I hope that I will live more consciously... making the most out of what I've been given. I'm grateful that we are surrounded by people that lift us up and make us better.

Mom, you are one of those people and I love you...

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I love your mom and she is such an example to everyone...including me. I am so glad she is home!