Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Toss in the Bucket

Have you ever wondered why some people have all the luck? You know...

The people that win a raffle prize with only one ticket dropped into the box. These are the same people that stay on number 22 during a cake walk and they call number 22.

...Who are the same people that happen to be caller number 9 during a radio station concert ticket contest give-a-way.

...Who are the same people that can catch an autographed pro fly ball after it's bounced off of a chair then off of the back of someone else's glove and then off of another's someone glove.

You know who I'm talking about. "Them."

Is this just a perception phenomenon or are the words "golden" and "favored" somehow intergalactic-ly tied to their zodiac sign? I don't have an answer people. If you are a "them" by all means please share your secrets... we, the "others" would love to know. (However, don't be surprised if "They" don't even know. Their usually lucky and it's effortless.)

It's disgusting.

I started my post talking about luck because my husband is one of those people... only he's a half-breed "them". A half-breed is one of those people that are lucky only half of the time... A fifty-fiftier. I am neither a full breed or a half breed (although perhaps being married to half-breed might qualify me as an eighth "them")... but that's for another discussion.

Whether people share it or not, almost everyone has a bucket list. You know a list of things that they want to accomplish or experience before they die. Mine is half organized and kept mentally in my brain. I love lists. Grocery lists, Daily To Do lists.. they are gotta haves for me. But what I love more than the lists themselves is the ability to cross things off... it makes me feel so productive even on the smallest of days, wouldn't you agree?

Clean out junk drawer
Change baby's diaper
Mow Lawn
Clean bathrooms
Pay Bills
Empty Dishwasher

Uh, bucket. There are a few things on my bucket list that are beyond my control. They are the things that no matter what I do, I still wouldn't be able to accomplish them unless divine intervention or luck swung my way.

But last week luck arrived in my mailbox!

Now, I realize that jury duty is not for everyone. I realize that in the cosmo of stars not everyone is wishing to waste their days in a large crowded room filled with unexcited potential jurors who may or may not be selected to participate in a case. But, I can hardly contain my excitement. For I am about to be paid $10.00 a day to belong to Juror Group #6 in a Superior Court for which I would undoubtly in a heart beat do for FREE. Think I'm being sarcastic? Wrongo!

Being crossed off my bucket list...

Get Selected for Jury Duty

Wishing everyone a very lucky week!


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Jennifer said...

I feel the same way about jury duty! I'm so jealous of you. Some people really do have all the luck. In fact, Chad just went in for his first day of jury duty today. This was his second time getting a jury summons. I don't think it's fair that he gets two before I get one, and he got out of his last one. What was he thinking?! I hope you get selected. Even if it's a lame trial, you'll still have the story to tell. Have fun!