Friday, January 22, 2010

"Mom... What's for dinner?"

I stood in my kitchen last night barefoot and glassy eyed as I pondered how many times cumulatively that I would be asked this question within my lifetime. I think it would an interesting random fact to know. (Btw- I also wonder how many diapers I'll change as well... I know, Nerd.)

Dinner. Such a loaded question. Why? Because either:

A.) I don't know yet.
Which often times opens the door to a smiley and excited, full of life five year old willing to offer suggestions on what we should have. Which is usually prefaced with the sentence, ..."You know what we haven't had for a REALLY LONG time... and ends with a long list containing only processed and frozen foods. Or by golly yay!... he actually suggests something relatively healthy from the five food groups but darn, wouldn't you know it- I'm out of one or two ingredients and lack the time to run to the store to make his wish come true.


B.) I tell you, but I'm pretty sure that there's a high probability that either:

1. You'll say that you don't like it.
2. You've never had it before, but before you even try it you already have it set in your mind that it's disgusting.
3. You think you're offered this EVERY night for dinner.
4. You like it but you're not hungry for it tonight.

And if it's any of the sub categories within option B it's a guaranteed ongoing conversation during the duration of my dinner prep and cooking which btw I usually start early...

Why? Because my children become banshees come the hour of 4:00. Not because they are really hungry but because they are bored and because when you can't have something... you apparently hurt, starve and die without it.

Why? Because Mom started a somewhat new rule at our home.
Snack all you want between the time school is over and 4:00. Fill your bellies with nutritional goodies (okay, it's not always nutritional... I'm not that rigid) but come 4:00, kitchen is closed.

Why? Because I got tired of cooking to the tune of I'm starving, when is dinner going to be ready, can we eat yet and then sitting down only to hear I'm full. No thanks. That's it. No more. The snack train stops here.

This dinnermony however does ends on a positive note. I came across a news story of a gal that lives in Texas who plans her dinner meals out a year in advance. Yes, I know! A year? Are you kidding me? No. She does. Really.

A smart and organized women named Laura. Who btw also swears that she's cut her food budget in half by doing so. (I'm inclined to believe her. Because choosing option A to appease a 5 year old son and my tummy with what sounds good and a quick run to the store often leads to impulse purchases.) Her annual dinner calendar also eliminates the question, Mom... What's for dinner?

To all of you organized mothers out there that may do this.. even on a smaller level, I applaud you. I am encouraged by your example and... I think I might even give it a try.

To those of you that fly by the seat of your dinner pants and need a quick dinner suggestion, you can catch Laura's story and her year long dinner plan ideas below.

But however we do it, may we all whistle while we work!

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Jen said...

I'm so excited to have come to your blog today (after checking it faithfully for a year of nothingness, lol...) to find 2 new posts! Your blog has been missed! Woohoo! Look forward to visiting with you via your blog daily again. :)

P.S. She plans out her meals a WHOLE year in advance? I'm lucky if I know 1 hour in advance. Seriously.