Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our Summer

Okay, so here in the NW, we didn't have a super great summer...but we did have a week or two of nice weather. We didn't do much traveling. Having Porter at the end of May and adjusting to two children was our "summer vacation". We did get to go to Utah to celebrate my grandfather's 100th birthday. This was Caleb's 1st time riding in an airplane. There were two BIG highlights for Caleb on this trip..they both had to do with the ariport. Highlight Number 1: Listening to the "walkie talkie's" (otherwise known as the airport's pre-recorded message which blairs over the outside intercom system ("No parking is aloud in the waiting zone. Please remove your car or you will be ticketed and toed.") For some reason he thinks this is hilarious and cracks up everytime he repeats it...yes he has this memorized. Everybody would just look at him and I know that they were thinking... whats wrong with your child? Highlight Number 2: Riding the escavator (no I didn't spell that wrong, that's how he pronounces it). We got lucky enough to be in a terminal where it had 3 sets of these to ride up and down. This came in handy since we had a 30 minute delay on our departing flight. Aunt Leslie was relieved...she wanted to get in as many episodes of "The Office" as possible without any interuptions.

Up, down, up again.. it's the little things in life that make us happy!

Over Labor Day weekend we went camping at Lake Cushman and had a wonderful time. Nobody caught any fish, but we did find a great swimming hole!

Here's mom and day hard at work...okay really it was dad that was hard at work making our yummy favorite camping dinner.. It was delicious!!

Porter was a trooper!! He was such a great camping baby. Me on the other hand..I was ready to go home a day early and take a shower!! We all decided that staying for 3 nights was 1 night too many.

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