Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Favorite Fair Moments

It's that time again!! One of our favorite things to do in the fall is attend the Puyallup Fair. We had such a blast! Besides the normal fair animals, rides, and yummy food, there's also side acts that wander around the fair.

This year we saw a group of fantastic drummers from California. They used only pots and pans, empty culligan water containers, and bar stools in their act..but boy could they pump out a show. Caleb moved his hips to the beat while plugging his ears...appearantly it was loud enough that he could still feel the rhythm with his fingers in his ears.

Then we came acrossed one of my all time favorites! Riding around in the children's smallville area was an anomated, moving monkey on a tricycle. She was adorable... complete with a dress, shoes, and a flowered hat. She spoke to the children as she rode her bike.

Caleb was startled at first,, and then became enamored with her, staring, smiling, and laughing for a good 10 minutes of entertainment. The funniest part of the show was the lady behind the monkey's voice.

I told Damon, "We have to get a picture of her!" She talked into this big straw water bottle (which was actually the microphone) and operated the tricycle with a remote disguised in a handbag. She was so careful as to not let the kids see her. What an act! Her voice was perfect for the job!

Here are a few more highlights from our wonderful time at the fair...

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