Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wheel of Fortune Girls Night Out

This week (July 15th & 16th) at the Emerald Queen Casino, you will find a 32 foot Winnebago called the "Wheelmobile". You'll also find me and 9 of my fantastic friends auditioning to be on Americas #1 game show.... The Wheel of Fortune. Will luck be on our side? We sure hope so!

In the attempt to give us an edge, my great and creative friend Jen designed us T-shirts. But if luck and the T-shirts don't get us called up we still know that this will be a great time!... And you never know we might just end up with a fabulous story.

Our Shirts:

What are we getting ourselves into? If you're curious as to what goes on at a Wheel of Fortune audition, here's a little preview-

If you love this show, send us some advice... we can use all the help we can get!

Take Care!


Nina said...

Good luck to ya! Once, I went to the Price is Right game show and it was alot of fun...didn't get called as a contestant, but still worth going :O)

Rebecca said...