Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Great Out-Smores

It has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. And it's the only vacation that requires us to pack WAY to much stuff for only being gone for just a few days. It's the experience, it's the memories, it's what we do year after year... and I LOVE it. There's something about being far away from the phone, TV, COMPUTER, and even the clock.. where time is dictated by the sun's position and our hungry bellies.

The whole fam dam was there (w/ the exception of Kris, Anders, and new baby Sophie). Our camping style is really laid back and with the help of our covert secret campsites which we select every year, the kids have extra room to run around and play. We appreciated the terrific warm weather and set up camp on the beach front all day Saturday, complete with an inflatable pool and hose. My husband gave me the "okay, you were right to insist we bring all that" look as he watched all of the kids having a grand time and all of the "other" kids/parents envious of our brilliant idea.

When we returned home, I asked Caleb what his favorite part of our camping trip was.

His response, "I loved the Smores, mom!" Bottom line, we could have stayed home and cooked smores on our bbq or our stove for that matter, and that would have satisfied him.

Thanks Ry & Kim for being there! We had a great time! Here are a few pictures from our weekend at camp.

The kids told us that there tummy's were so full... and in the next breath they asked, "Can we have some smores?"

The kids loved our campfire stories and begged for more!

Thanks Dad for being our cook! You look need a vacation. :)

I love my family!

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Rebecca said...

What fun? I know you had a hard time with your little guy, but it looks like lots of fun! We'll miss you this weekend!