Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Year Has Gone By

I had the best birthday weekend! I feel awfully blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. We had a few family birthday parties, I went out to dinner twice, and had a fun date night out with Damon. Wednesday night I had dinner with Kris, Leslie and some friends and had (MY FAVORITE) Thai Chicken Salad from The Ram (highly recommend)- Thanks, Jen!

A friend of mine introduced me to The Biggest Loser work out DVD and I'm addicted! In addition to walking (which I also LOVE!) this is the best work out... there are muscles that I didn't know existed.... and not because I can see them (yet), but because after doing this I feel them.

The thing that I love about this workout is that you can customize your workout (literally) and that all of the moves are designed to work your core. This was the best birthday gift to myself (we'll besides my new pair of walking shoes). Now, if only I could have had a day of sunshine to go along with it...

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Rebecca said...

I wanted to come, but I had my friend's family staying here overnight that night. Life has been crazy! I could have used a little adult time though! Happy Birthday!