Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Medical Mayham}

Oh Mylanta is all I can say. I've experienced one of those when it rains it pours weeks. And whomever started spreading that vicious rumor that things happen in three's... well, let's just say that they lied. It also comes in four's.

Number 1.... Some of you know that I started training for my 1st marathon back in January. June 5th was the big day. But a month prior to that, I was nursing knee injuries and started physical therapy with the hopes that I'd be able to finish what I had started. The marathon was located in a beautiful beach town and we had absolutely fantastic weather. I ran 14 miles before my knee gave out (literally). I had to turn around early and walk back 8 miles to the finish line. And although it was truly disappointing, I'm grateful for the entire experience- a wonderful supportive husband and fabulous friends with whom I had the best time training with.

Moving onto Number 2. While I was away on marathon weekend excursion, my sweet mother watched the boys. Caleb started to develop a fever and an ear ache. We picked him up on Sunday and he had a rough night. I took him in first thing Monday morning to find out that he had a double ear infection. Poor guy.

No time to wait. Let's go right to Number 3. We're back from the doctors, it's mid-afternoon now and Caleb isn't feeling well, so he's napping upstairs in my bed while son #2 is also asleep. And although I feel like taking a nap because I didn't get much sleep the night before, I decide to take advantage of uninterrupted time to gimp around and organize our office closet- we're supposed to be putting our house on the market later in the week. My sweet husband is working outside trying to replace some beams on our porch. It's a warmer day so I have the window in the office open. I hear the table saw start up and within moments Damon starts screaming like I've never heard someone scream before. Oh gosh. I drop everything and run gimp downstairs to find him running into the house with blood everywhere. His face is pale, he's shaking and sweating and I know its bad. I call 911. I'm holding my husband on our garage floor, I've got one kiddy who's got a fever and is upstairs sleeping and another one totally zonked out. I call my sister who lives just a few miles away who rushes over and I follow Damon to the hospital in this. Damon would say later that he received the best drugs in this red choo choo..

But he'd complain that the morphine here, was pretty useless...
{Pre-Surgery} waiting for the hand specialist and plastic surgeon to become available at TG. No, he's not flipping you off.. not intentionally anyway. :)

A close up? Nah, I wouldn't do that to you. Just take my word.. it looks great covered up! Honey, you were a trooper!

Luckily, they were able to get him into surgery after only waiting for two hours.
{Post-Op} Waking up from surgery.. Hello, Sunshine.

The table saw won.
He broke his finger in two places between his middle knuckle and the tip of his finger.
Severed his tendon and cut through his nerve.

So, Number 4. While I gimpy is taking care of son #1 and discharged husband, son #2 becomes ill. I take him to the doctor. Double ear infection. Sure. Absolutely. Because Numbers 1-3 weren't enough.

I have survived. The boys are feeling chipper. The doctors expect Damon to make a full recovery in 12 weeks. He gets an extended long vacation from work while he mends. I keep telling him he's going to have a fabulous tan... well at least one hand will. :)



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