Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Never Know What You're Going To Get

I needed a few minutes this morning so that I could get dinner prepared in the crockpot. I decided to distract Caleb with a little made up "off the cuff" game. I thought I'd share a few of his responses....

Mom: "Caleb, do you know how we get peanut butter?" (one of his favorite foods)

Caleb: "Yes, you crack the peanuts and squish them."

Mom: "Very good. How do we get honey?"

Caleb: "From the store."

Mom: "Yes, we buy honey at the store, but do you know who makes the honey? The bees help make the honey."

Caleb: "Oh." (perplexed)

I give Caleb a brief explanation on how bees and the bee keepers help to get the honey at the store.

Mom: "Do you know where we get milk from?"

Caleb: "From mommy's boobies."

Mom: (I finished breast feeding almost 2 months ago.) "Well, that's where babies get there milk from. But, we get our milk from cows."

Caleb: "What do the udders do?"

Mom: "Hmmm, the farmers squeeze the udders to get the milk from the cows."

Mom: "Do you know where we get bacon from?"

Caleb: Shakes his head no.

Mom: "We get bacon from piggies."

Caleb: "Oh."

Mom: "Do you know where we get hamburger from?"

Caleb: "Yes! McDonalds."

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