Monday, April 7, 2008

I Spy

I needed a few things so I took Caleb to Walmart today. Before we left, we had our usual prep talk. It went something like this:

Me- "Okay, Caleb. Mommy needs to get a few things at the store.

Caleb- "Which store are we going to?"

Me- "Walmart, and we're going to be really fast because we're in a hurry."

Caleb- "Can I look at toys?"

Me- "You may look at toys for 1 minute, but not until mom's gotten everything on her list. And today, we are not buying any toys, we are just looking, okay?"

Caleb- "Okay."

After a minute, Caleb says, "Can we look at the fish too?"

Me- "No, just toys today. Remember, Mommy's in a hurry."

After parking by the garden center (where I always park- because there's less lines at the check out, I get a quick walk in because everything I need is at the opposite end of the store and you can always find a parking space), we dash into the store.

Since I have a minute to kill before we get to the grocery section, I start the "I Spy" game.

Me- "I spy some plants."

Caleb- "I spy a blue cup."

Me- "Very good, Caleb. "I spy some sunglasses."

Caleb- "I spy a T-shirt."

Me- "Good eyes, Caleb. I spy some pajamas."

Caleb- (Looking at the bra section says) "I spy some boobies."

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Anonymous said...

so cute carrie! I laughed so hard! What a cute boy!