Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{A Bunch Of Characters}

Living it up at our local fair is always a much anticipated event around our house. However, this year was a bit more challenging as the age spread between the boys was evident. Caleb has become to grown up for the kiddie rides and Porter although brave enough doesn't have the inches to qualify him for the big boy ones. However, there was one thing that we could all agree on and that was the food!

Caleb accompanying Porter on a "baby ride"... although, it looks like your enjoying himself to me!


Matador.. the big ride of the day.

Caleb wanted to try out the haunted mansion. Porter declined. Caleb went by himself and came out like this. :)

Bumper Cars... Porter's mad he's not tall enough to drive.

Porter's mad again but this time it's because we are leaving. Perhaps that's a true sign of a fabulous time!

Goodnight, Fair!


Leslie Sandberg said...

That is hilarious!!! Did Caleb even like the haunted mansion ride at all??? Did he know it was scary or thout he was just brave enough?

Leslie Sandberg said...

And thanks for finally posting on your blog.....I've been waiting forever for some updates!!!