Saturday, May 21, 2011

{Somebody Got Older, Dirty & A New Name}

We celebrated Porter's Birthday with a race, swimming and a party at Chuck E. Cheese's. Porter has been excited to turn four for a very long time. This magic age of four symbolizes big upgrades to his little life. Like getting a full size Flinstone vitamin like his brother instead of mom biting his in half. Turning four means getting to sit in a booster seat like big brother and saying good-bye to a clunky baby 5 strap harness. Turning four means going to school and wearing a back pack just like big brother. (Sigh.) All things Porter has been excited to do/get when he turns four fingers. Happy Birthday, Big Boy! :)

Dad entered his first running race and took 3rd place! He rocked it and ran his guts out! To his dismay, his bib number goes down in the forever Google race results as Coral Coon by mistake. (Which got me Coral Coon a real name?) Go, Coral!...

{Getting Ready}

{Waiting to see Dad}

{On the course}

{and running happy}

{and gett'n dirty}

{Fabulous race time, Dad!}

... I mean, Coral. (wink)

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Leslie Sandberg said...

Happy 4 fingers to Porter! Way to go Damon...I like the dirty look..."hot coral"