Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{A Birthday Surprise}

My sweet eldest turned seven this month. Where in the world does the time go? For months leading up to his birthday, he was determined to have his big day at a local family fun center called, Charlie Safari. When anyone asked what he was doing for his birthday, that was it. And he was excited.

Since Caleb's birthday landed on a week day we told him that we'd pick him up after school and go straight from there. But we are mean parents. And instead of doing what he wanted to do... we planned something a little bigger and crossed our fingers that our focused son wouldn't be too upset.

Here's Caleb as we passed by his school in the morning.

Here's Caleb when we tell him he doesn't have to go to school today.

Here's Caleb when he asks if we are going to Charlie Safari right now!?

And here's Caleb when he finds out we aren't going to Charlie Safari, but somewhere even better...

... somewhere even better sounds fun, eh? Oh man was that an ugly cry. For a brief minute, I thought what have we done?

We planned an overnight trip to The Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor waterpark resort. It took my husband and I twenty minutes of our car ride to console Caleb and convince him that where we were headed, he was going to forget all about Charlie Safari. We get to stay in a hotel for heavens sake. :)

Here are a few pictures from our very fun birthday surprise.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
I love you...



Jodi Elwell said...

Oh, what great parents you are! That is so fun. ihave been trying to talk sean into going for months now. I have the money set aside and I am ready to book it but Sean thinks it is a waste of money. My kids have been begging for a long time. I hope I can wear him down eventually. Glad you had fun. Brooke always wants to go to Charlies Safari too. She loves that place. Can't wait to catch up in Wenatchee:)

Leslie Sandberg said...

oh Carrie that cry face is priceless!!! lol

Outnumbered Three To One said...

Jodi... Just tell Sean that money is for making memories and memories you will make. :)