Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'd like to have a fireplace that reaches the ceiling.

Photo by William Waldron Country Living

It would include a large rustic mantel and it would hold lots of bushy green garland at Christmas time.

Courtesy of Thom Scott Studio

Someday I'd like to have enormous wood beams that go the entire length of my ceiling.

Photo Unknown

They would be stained a dark color to match my wide plank floors.

Courtesy of Nest Egg

Someday I'd like to have a white couch with white fluffy pillows and matching white opening shutters.

Courtesy of Decor Pad

It would contrast nicely with my Spanish chandelier, don't you think?

Picture Unknown

I'd putz around barefoot in my little slice of heaven cleaning while listening to this guy...

In the meantime I'll continue to look at my glass half full and count all of my many blessings. 1 out of 7 isn't bad... David Gray will not be soothing me in this dream home of mine yet ...however, I look forward to listening to him live very soon. :)



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