Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Geritol Beauty Clinic

NY Stock Exchange eat your heart out. Purchasing fun bath toys has more then tripled our investment in the Holmes household. My kids can play for hours in a bath (okay not really, but yes, close). I love to hear them squeal and play and I also love that I'm able to get few things done without children under foot.

Most of you know that we are temporarily staying at my parents home until our move down south. This morning I announced to Porter that it was bath time. YES!, was his response. After what seemed like 3,500 seconds, I coerced then bribed then dragged got him out of the tub... the water was not even a desirable bath temperature and he was still happy as a clam.

I began drying him with a towel when all of a sudden he looked at his hands. Excited, he shouted "Mom! I've got wrinkles... just like grandma!"

Could everyday be bath day!?


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