Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{It's Fall 'Yall}

If you live in the PNW you're aware that our summer weather (ahem) lacked this year. (If you're not from Washington State...bite your tongue... we do actually get nice summers. :)

And although the weather has turned slightly chilly, the sun has been out in full force. (If you could hear me now I'd sing you the na na na na na I'm lov'n it jingle.) We took advantage of it and spent an afternoon at a pumpkin patch.

The pumpkin launch is a favorite activity at the patch and it goes something like this. You waste invest a bunch of money on tiny baby pumpkins with the hopes that one of those itty bitty things will be placed ever so perfectly inside some tubing and get launched graciously through the air with just the amount of velocity and speed to hit a bulls-eye 50+ yards away. If done correctly, your investment in small squash will get you a nice fat Grandad of them all pumpkin.. oh and your name goes on the wall of fame (uh, erased daily). A total man sport.

My husband with both luck and talent behind him has managed to do this for the last two years. But could he do it for a third? We wanted to find out. With an informal poll taken right before our arrival, the boys were split 50-50.

And raw talent it is. Bullseye. :)


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