Thursday, April 29, 2010


have become a new phenomenon around our home. No, I'm not talking about those throw in the microwave Hot Pockets or the miniature dress up lose all of the accessories if you're not careful Polly Pockets.

I'm talking about your regular run of the mill pockets. The simple invention that allows you to hold your car keys, spare change... and well collect lint. When is the last time you used your pockets? Think hard. Can you remember?

I can. It was today.

And yesterday.

And the day before that.

In fact it has been every day this week.

It started on Monday during our day trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. Mommy introduced it, but has sense wished she hadn't. It sounded like such a brilliant idea at the time. And it went something like this.

Me being the standard infinite wise mother that I am prepared for our day trip to the zoo with sandwich style zip lock baggies each containing a snack. This is also the first day trip in which Damon and I agreed that our boys were probably old enough to do without the stroller. So I packed light. Since we have two boys, I would have normally packed separate snack baggies for each lovely son so as to discourage fighting. But this trip I beamed, we will be promoting sharing.

And after a little while of walking around my 2 1/2 year old asked for a snack. And when one asks for a snack there's this magical phenomenon thing that happens. It's called the "Me Too" syndrome. The six year old would like something too.

Notta problem. I'm prepared. "I've got some pretzels, fishies or fruit snacks. What would you guys like?"

My oldest says, "I'd like some pretzels please." "Me Too." says my youngest. (Right on cue.)

(and here comes sharing lesson number 101)...

Sharing Lesson number 101 was preached suburbly. :) (We've got one bag of pretzels. There's two of you. So you'll have to share with one another.. yadda yadda yadda. Okay?)

Lesson number 101 was received with four stars. No complaints. And no whining.


There was no complaining and no whining and you're only giving it four stars? Yeah, I know. I know! I should have been content and happy with four stars, but I wanted five.

You see the Woodland Park Zoo is a large zoo. And we decided to visit it during the off season which equals shorter operating hours. And ahem, we'd like our money's worth. And, this sharing thing was starting to slow the pack down... We were getting a little behind in our animal viewing schedule. It's because boys.. my boys can be slightly territorial especially when it comes to uh, food. Despite the plethora of pretzels to be had, neither son wanted to stray too far from the bag. And the turtle of the pack was holding the snack baggie. So mom in her infinite wisdom to her demise introduced the concept of pockets to speed us along in hopes to upgrade our journey to 5 stars.

Me: "Porter (our youngest) here honey... let's get some pretzels and put them in your pocket."

Porter: "My pock-ete"?

Me: "Yes, honey your pocket."

Porter: "Where's my pock-ete?"

Me: "Here bud. It's right here."

Porter smiling from ear to ear: "Oh, there's my pockete."

We visited the penguins, we saw a baby gorilla (so cute!), we saw tigers, lions, eagles, snow leapords, flamingos... and you know what ended up being the second coolest thing that Porter discovered on our trip to the zoo? (Top prize was a black push button which emitted a wolf howling .)

Not the animals. But, Pock-etes.

He asked to be dressed in them on Tuesday. He asked for them on Wednesday. And when I didn't have him in an outfit with a pocket, I had to put a hooded sweatshirt on over his shirt so that he could have a pock-ete.

I'll I want to do is put on sweat pants. La-la-la to pocket talk :)

Here's a few from our outing...

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inadvertent farmer said...

My just turned 3 year old boy has the same obsession! He cried because his jammies didn't have pockets last could he sleep without his pockets full of his treasures?

So I let him sleep in sweats...with pockets,lol! Kim (your neighbor to the south)