Friday, November 14, 2008

Purse Purge

So, many of you know that I'm not a purse gal. I know weird, but it's true. I don't have to have a new purse for every season, outfit, or year for that matter. A friend of mine sells the cutest purses... and it doesn't do anything for me. Sometimes, I think I should have been a guy (okay, not really), but as for purses (and shopping in general for that matter), I have more testosterone in me.

Because I lack a purse fetish, I also don't take care of mine. It's a total dumping ground. My sister can attest... she's cleaned mine out several times... only to find it utterly unorganized the next time she peaks in. I dread it. I openly admit that I have a problem. I'm a purse stuff it, organize it later junkie.... But I've hit rock bottom. My moment happened a few days ago as I was checking out at the grocery store. I reached in and pulled out my wallet...and gobs of receipts came tumbling out with it and landed onto the store floor. I was a bit embarrassed. Way overdue for a purge. (and don't ask how long its been... it's been awhile.)

Here's just a handful of things that I found while purging:

Several hundred receipts- some of which were dated 2007... early 2007.
$3.54 cents in loose change.
$12.00 in bills- I'm rich!
A bottle of Tylenol infant drops.
A rock- I'm pretty sure that I didn't put that in there.
Double AA batteries.
Several old grocery shopping lists.
A zip lock baggy of old fishy crackers.
4 containers of chap stick.
An old Tim McGraw concert ticket- thanks again, Jen!
2 Library cards- one of which I don't know who the heck it belongs to... Dan Rythmath anyone?-I've got to return that back to the PCLS.
2 bottles of Purell hand sanitizer.
9 tampons- I guess you can never have too many.
A matchbox car- I'm pretty sure I didn't put that in there either.
A Tide-to-Go Stain pen.
22 pens- which is ironic because I could never seem to find one when I needed it.
A Customs Declaration Form from Jan. of this year.
and two blank thank you cards- because I guess you never know when you'll need an emergency thank you???????

If it's been awhile, purge your purses ladies. We carry enough stress and burden as it is... in fact, my purse feels 5 lbs lighter.
Kris & Jen- I'd tag you, but I know both of your purses would be ideally organized and not at all interesting!!!!!!!

So, I tag:

Rebecca, Mandy, Sommer (who has the cutest purses!), and Anna! Whatcha got in yours?


Leslie said...

haha carrie that is pretty bad! You need to go on Oprah! We need to have a purse intervention!

Jen said...

Haha, you give me more credit than I deserve. Just to prove you wrong, I am so purging my purse after church tomorrow (actually, I'll go a step further and purge my purseS tomorrow...I have so much junk it can't be contained by only one)and I'll post a picture so the world can see I'm really not as clean and organized as people think I am. Stay tuned.