Sunday, August 3, 2008

You Did What?!#%*#@&....

Guess What I Can't Stand?

Having flies in my house. (Why did H.F. create these again?)

Guess What We Had In Our House LAST Week?

A ton of flies. (Do your children also have problems remembering to close the slider?)

Guess What I Found Out TODAY?

Caleb: "Guess, what Mom?"

Me: "What, Caleb?"

Caleb: "Porter likes flies."

Me: "What do you mean Porter likes flies?"

Caleb: "I put one in his mouth and he ate it."

Oh my heck, a week old fly?.... I think I'm starting to feel ill.


Jen said...

I'm dying laughing right now. Hahaha. That was laugh out loud funny. But, also gross & very naughty Caleb. (Lol...that last comment was made for Caleb's benefit...since he will be reading all too soon.) :)

What? You never ate flies Carrie? I've heard they taste just like chicken.

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh... oh my gosh...i'm also totally laughing...waiting for the day when noah does that to savanna. or she does it herself. we have flies here too and it's driving me nuts.

but yeeeeeeeeeeeeah...that's hilariously gross.

Rebecca said...

That's awesome!