Sunday, February 24, 2008

V.I.P Day

Since some of the children at Caleb's school have birthdays during the summer months, Mrs. Spencer chooses to celebrate every child with a V.I.P day instead of a birthday party. It was Caleb's turn this last week. He was asked to bring 5 things that were important to him and arrive 5 minutes early to school so that Mrs. Spencer could tuck them away in her V.I.P. suitcase. He chose to bring:

A new remote control tractor.
A stuffed Curious George doll (because that's one of his favorite cartoons.)
A picture of Maddie & Kiley
A book entitled, Smelly Socks- which he thinks is hilarious.
And one of those doodle drawing things.

We brought muffin cupcakes to share and Caleb got to wear a crown and a balloon and parade around the room to the music, "I'm a V.I.P"- how fitting. :)

Then, his friends were given a few minutes to ask Caleb questions about himself. I thought this was the cutest part of the whole day. Their questions went something like this-

1st child asks- What is your favorite color?
Caleb says, Pink.
2nd child asks- What is your next favorite color?
Caleb says, Green.
3rd child asks- What is your next next favorite color?
Mrs. Spencer chimes in, Okay, we've already asked that question, let's try to ask a different question.
4th child asks- What is your favorite food?
Caleb says, pasegetti
5th child asks- What is your favorite shirt?
Caleb says, red glow in the dark superman shirt.
6th child asks- What is your favorite toy?
Caleb says, My garbage trucks.
7th child asks- What is your favorite color?- appearently, knowing someone's favorite color is important to a 3 year old. :)
Mrs. Spencer says, Okay, enough questions- let's play a game. :)

Thank you Mrs. Spencer for making Caleb feel so loved and special! We appreaciate you!

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