Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gut Laugh

I was working on the computer upstairs when all of a sudden I heard Caleb start laughing. I paused for a moment and smiled to myself, then turned back to work on the computer. Seconds later, I hear Caleb laughing again.... only this time it's turning into a deep belly laugh. My curousity got the best of me so I wandered downstairs to find out what was so funny. I found Caleb downstairs watching cartoons... Curious George, an all time favorite for Caleb. He wasn't aware that I was watching him. It was a really cute moment. Then I thought to grab my camera to capture it. When I returned with the camera, I had missed that moment, but instead caught him still watching TV with a really big smile on his face.

After I took the picture, I asked him what had been so funny. His response was, "Mom, I just got the giggle bugs."

I love you, Caleb Holmes. :)

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