Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Carving & Traditions

Every year we go to Spooner Farms, our local pumpkin patch. But. this isn't just any ordinary pumpkin patch, they have a HUGE corn maze, animals, and a pumpkin launching contest. Damon loves the pumpkin launching contest and Caleb was big enough this year to help dad. You purchase small round pumpkins (3 for a $1) and take them to a launching station decked out with bayles of hay and supersized surgical tubing. And "way out yonder" there are bullseyes. If you hit a bulleye, you get to pick out a free pumpkin from their "large collection". For the 1st time in five years, Damon (with the help of Caleb) hit the target! Both boys were really excited to take the pumpkin home to carve it. However, as Caleb started to get his elbows knee deep in pumpkin goo, his excitement turned to disguist. Here are a few snapshots from this funny event. We hope you had a Happy Halloween!

After he got cleaned up, he said, "Mom, that's better!"

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You know, pumpkin guts gross me out too. How cute. And where did you get your cute background?